About Us

We are Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd.

Scarsdale is a Registered Investment Advisor that represents individual clients in the bond market in a similar capacity as an attorney—a fiduciary relationship which places clients’ interest first.  Scarsdale has been investing in bonds for clients since 1987. Those clients tend to be high-net worth individuals.

Scarsdale's Principals

The Founders of Scarsdale are nationally recognized bond experts who have authored five books on investing in bonds including the first handbook for individual bond investors and the award-winning best-seller entitled BONDS: The Unbeaten Path to Secure Investment GrowthBloomberg Press (2nd ed.) 2011.

Our Client Objectives

Preserve client wealth.
Create a reliable and predictable cash flow.


Reduce federal income taxes.
Preserve wealth for heirs.
Charge low fees.

Scarsdale designs customized bond portfolios to support each client’s financial and life goals.  Scarsdale only purchases bond portfolios on a non-discretionary basis.  This means that Scarsdale will only buy bonds after the bonds have been presented and the client has approved the purchase.  This manner of working provides substantial education to our clients.  Scarsdale is purposely chartered to only work in this fashion.

Clients’ bonds are custodied at National Financial Services, LLC, a subdivision of Fidelity.  In addition to Fidelity, Scarsdale has a network of 16 broker-dealers that are responsive to our clients’ needs.

Design of Bond Portfolios

Our Bond Strategy

Generating predictable, tax-efficient cash flow for individual investors, with planned return of principal.

  • All bonds are free of Federal income tax if purchased for taxable accounts.
  • At the date of purchase, all bonds are rated at least AA by Moody’s or AA by Standard & Poor’s.

    We go beyond the ratings to consider the many aspects of the bond issue.

  • The bonds are purchased to form a customized bond ladder for each client with a goal of financial independence.

Hildy & Stan Richelson



Established in 1987

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