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How to Evaluate a Municipal Bond

March 26, 2024

We recently received a call from a client.  He asked us how we would evaluate a municipal bond that was offered to him by a broker.  Here are some thoughts. All bonds share a defined structure. What differentiates one from another is the quality and quantity of each of the ten parts of a bond […]

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A Short Commentary: The Current Risks of Stocks and Bonds

March 11, 2024

by Hildy & Stan Richelson This will not be a learned article dealing with the evaluation of the risks in the stock and bond market.  This will be a snap shot of some of our reflections as we think about a few aspects of what we see in the news today. Are Stocks Riskier Than […]

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The Return of the All-Bond Portfolio

January 5, 2024

When we started out as new investors, we were advised by the media, investment books and all investment professionals of two ideas:                 Diversify your investments to maximize returns; and                 Stocks will always outperform bonds. This article makes the case that “it ain’t necessarily so” particularly at all times and in all markets. Come […]

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Wells Fargo Comes to Market – Consider their New Issue

August 28, 2023

By Sean Walsh and Hildy Richelson We at the Scarsdale Investment Group have always bought only the highest rated bonds available generally rated at least AA+ or AAA. But for those with different risk tolerances, and those who believe that some banking institutions are “Too Big to Fail”, this Wells Fargo issue may be of […]

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