Stan Richelson’s life-long investigation into the financial markets led him to understand that adequate returns are available by investing in a portfolio of the highest quality bonds.  Investing in stocks and other speculative asset classes is not required. His strategy is: after fees, taxes and bad timing, investors are better served by a portfolio of high-quality individual bonds. Early on he saw that investments could be used as a sword or a shield.  He came to understand that high-quality individual bonds could serve as a shield to protect investors from some of life’s significant uncertainties and problems.

Stan is a nationally recognized bond advisor.  If you were his client, he would work closely with you to design and execute, on a nondiscretionary basis, a customized bond ladder that is tax-effective and which would fit your specific financial goals.  Further, Stan would also provide you with a significant education so that you would develop a deep understanding of the bond investment process and how bonds might fit into your unique financial plan.

Stan’s mission in life—his passion— is to create a strategy around investing in individual bonds for individual investors like you to consider.

This strategy results in a portfolio of high-quality individual bonds that provide tax-free cash flow and the preservation of principal.  Stan’s objective is to help you gain an understanding of the bond investing process so that you feel more in control of your financial future.  He asserts that while Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) might be appropriate for institutions that have infinite lives, this theory is not desirable for individuals who have finite lives.  Furthermore, without a very long-term horizon it is very risky to bet on stock market gains to provide an adequate retirement cash flow.

Stan is a nationally recognized author who contracted to write the first book, Income Without Taxes, on investing in individual tax-exempt bonds with his co-author, Dr. Hildy Richelson. Before that book was published, the only municipal bond investment touted by brokers for individual investors was unit investment trusts. Together, Hildy and Stan wrote five books explaining bonds and bond investing, and more than 100 articles on bonds.  Stan also co-authored a book on Venture Capital.  [See the Our Library tab.] Stan has been interviewed extensively by national media including the Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, and Bill Griffin on Power Lunch on CNBC.

Stan is a founder of Scarsdale Investment Group, Ltd., a Registered Investment Advisor.  As of June 2023, Scarsdale has $330 million under advisement invested in bonds.

Stan received a JD Degree from Columbia Law School and an LL.M. (Taxation) from New York University Law School.  He is a member of the PA and NYS Bars.  Prior to joining Scarsdale, he practiced as an accountant at a major accounting firm, an attorney at a major Wall Street law firm, and tax counsel at two major corporations.  The Richelsons reside in Blue Bell, PA.